Daydreamers: Stories

Speaks to a new generation of hopefuls

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A Kirkus Review’s Indie Book of the Year for 2015

“Harper’s collection brings to mind a movie of an Anne Tyler novel, if it were directed by David Lynch.”

Ne’er-do-wells, prodigal sons and young men without a clue to their present state of mind, let alone their futures, are waiting to be met within the stories of Daydreamers, Jonathan Harper’s debut collection. In these stories, two men clash over their participation in a body-modification ritual; a group of Dungeons & Dragons players find themselves unwelcome in an upscale resort; the discovery of a drowned corpse haunts a young man in a beach town. With precise and vulnerable prose, Daydreamers speaks to a new generation of hopefuls not usually found in contemporary queer fiction.

Andrew Holleran

Author of Dancer from the Dance and Grief

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