You Don't Belong Here

After his stay in a secluded artist colony, ne’er-do-well Morris Hines has fallen in love – with anonymity and endless drinking; with the sleepy resort town and its bohemian ways. Morris Hines is about to enter hell.

You Don’t Belong Here follows Morris’s descent into an alcoholic, sexual, and spiritual nightmare. On his last night in town, he serendipitously encounters his ex-friend, Henry, who disappeared from his life over a decade prior. This is the beginning of a series of mishaps that leaves Morris stranded, with shrinking funds and no sure means of escape. As the days pass, as the beer bottles pile up, his sense of self is challenged.


"A claustrophobic novel about destructive friends and destructive urges."

- Kirkus Reviews

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"A strange, original, surprising book, like a queer Kafka novel set in a mountain resort town of gingerbread houses, bad memories, and nightmares. Jonathan Harper writes nimbly, observes well, and imagines wildly. This is a terrific first novel."
- Christopher Bram, author of Gods and Monsters and Lives of the Circus Animals

"Jonathan Harper's You Don't Belong Here blends the finely-wrought horror of a top-tier episode of the Twilight Zone with the observational deftness of Mary Gaitskill. This is a propulsive debut that I absolutely couldn't put down - and the absolute shocker of an ending haunted me for days afterward. Through a tale that is equally terrifying and seductive, Harper captures the highly specific pain of a life unlived with an unflinching eye and sharp humor."
- Laura Bogart, author of Don't You Know I Love You

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